Who are the victims?

Iraq foreign minister Ibrahim al-Alshaiqer al-Jaafari speaks on the war with the Islamic State, violence against Sunnis, and the presence of American soldiers in his country

‘It has been a risky venture. It was,after all,an intrusion into Pakistani territory

Senior Pakistani journalist Ahmed Rashid,author of ‘Taliban’,‘Jihad’ and ‘Descent into Chaos’,has extensively covered the Taliban and al-Qaeda.

There can be no Arab League without Syria,Egypt and Iraq: Bashar’s man in UN

Syria's UN ambassador Bashar Ja’afari talks to Alia Allana about the challenges facing Syria.

Russians have achieved 10 times more in three months than 10,000 American raids

Syria’s deputy prime minister says an international coalition is supporting terrorists in the war.

“You don’t think I’m afraid?” asked Bouthaina Shaaban, advisor to Syrian President, Bashar al Assad

The Minister of Information maintains that there is no revolution: Alia Allana reports from Damascus