the youtube war

As traditional media struggles to report the Syrian conflict, independent bloggers trawling the digital world shape the narrative with information gle...

Desert Refuge

How the largest Syrian refugee camp became a mini-Syria

everyone’s a star

The promise that Instagram offers and delivers.

Reality Scriptures

If only she was from a metro. She can see it in her head. Wearing a short skirt, dating. Going out dancing.

10 reasons why

How the well-funded start-up cracked the code of the viral content.

The oppressed ark

The story of Mumbai’s Byculla Zoo is a litany of unfortunate events, poor management, and inhuman treatment of animals, many of whom have died. Even a...

The India connection

How drug exports to the Middle East fuel addiction there, and a mafia's gambit to make India a base of operations.

Homeless in Kathmandu

Fleeing the war, a family of Syrian refugees gets caught in an earthquake.

Case No. 288

Mumbai’s trains are the life of the city. Without them, people can’t manage. But there’s a lesser-known side to this: some 3,000 deaths on the tracks ...


At the Raba’a el Adaweya mosque, thousands of people from across Egypt protest and pray day and night. What began as a pro-Morsi protest has now trans...

the police rapes

Sexual assault and male culture in the force.

Walking to the Ka’aba

The haj is one of the world’s largest congregations of faith and the black rock of the Kaaba is unchanging, but Mecca keeps remaking itself even as pi...

Lord’s right of way

The visarjan on the final day of Ganesh Chathurti when thousands gather at Girgaon Chowpatty to immerse their idols is one of Mumbai police’s biggest ...