The refugee camp in Yarmouk, Syria, has become the enduring image of the civil war: people cut off from aid, a ravaged economy, and a government built on broken promises

Desert Refuge

Umm Khaled was among the first to arrive with her young granddaughter. She had lost her daughter somewhere. Probably dead, she says. When she first came, the camp was a great unifier. Everyone was equ...

Love and longing in Yarmouk

“I’ll call you,” he said, as he turned his back to leave for Yarmouk refugee camp, almost certain that they won’t speak. That they can’t speak. Years of war have turned Syria inside out, left the cell...

The coming flood of people

Close your eyes. Picture white sands and turquoise waters, rows of palm trees cocooning you under the balmy sun.

Nowhere to sail

The international media has been awash with shocking stories: stories of forced migration,of people being shipped out to sea with insufficient food or water,because of government policy.