The Synagogue and the Jihadi

Out of all the outrageous questions I have asked in my life, this one has to be amongst the top ten...

Apples and Oranges in Egypt’s Historic Election

“Votes and rocks: just two ways to get heard,” said Salma.

‘Did the generals think we were fools?’

A week into protesting, the revolution became about preservation lest someone forgets.

‘Who isn’t a Shabaab these days?’

When does a boy become a shabaab? Literally, in Arabic, shabaab means young men.

We are not like Iran here

They had already waited so long, what was a few more hours?

Mickey wants to be the first one to vote

If there were a landmark, a place to prop up a sign that would read, The Arab Spring Started Here, it would be in Sidi Bou Said.

The Minister of Information maintains that there is no revolution

“You don’t think I’m afraid?” asked Bouthaina Shaaban, advisor to Syrian President, Bashar al Assad.

A Despatch from Homs

He was found shot in the chest, bleeding on the streets, alone...